Explainable Health Conditions
Written By: Angela Olstad
Mindoro Fourth Grade Teacher/Building Principal

Many people in the Melrose-Mindoro School District are feeling better because of the recent electrical clean up in our schools. This problem is known as electrical pollution. The staff suffered from unexplainable health conditions for years. The list of symptoms includes: fatigue, memory loss, facial flushing, rashes, headaches, numbness, eye irritation, depression, sleep disturbances, double vision, asthma difficulties, sinus infections, bronchitis, loss of taste and smell. These health conditions began when school started and gradually went away throughout the summer months.

Mr. Dave Stetzer, a power quality manager, was hired to evaluate the electrical condition of our schools. He found many problems in the electrical system. The ubiquitous meter readings should have been zero, but our school had numbers as high as 150+. Dr. Martin Graham a professor from University of California, Berkeley has defined ubiquitous pollution. Dr. Neil Cherry a professor from Lincoln University says a safe level of exposure to RF (radio frequency) is zero. To clean up the electrical pollution the electricians rewired the computer lab and put filters into the many outlets throughout our building. This took a few days and the costs were minimal. Yes, it was that easy. The readings in the building are now averaging 15 or below. An acceptable level could be below 20. The Mindoro Elementary School, for example, is 36 years old. The wiring in those days does not stand up to the demands of today. The demand on electrical wiring is growing rapidly everyday, everywhere.

Mr. Stetzer has also evaluated the electrical condition for Blair-Taylor, Marshfield, Cochrane Fountain City, and Brighten Schools. These schools are now living the benefits from their electrical clean up. Problems were also found in the Spencer School District.

The results are incredible- healthy people! Staff attendance has improved greatly, and students are now being called their right names. Every symptom above is gone or has improved significantly. Once again we enjoy teaching.

The students are also benefiting from the electrical clean up. The school nurse has documented no need for the commonly used asthma nebulizer and inhaler use is down. In addition the attitude and effort of the students has improved.

It is important that if you or others you know are having these same symptoms that you do something about it. Do not let these problems ruin your life. The Melrose-Mindoro School District is very lucky, the school board and superintendent came to us with this information. In order to get the help needed talk to your school administrators about electrical pollution until they listen. Do the research and know the facts.

Yes, electrical companies deny this is happening, but soon they will have to open their eyes and admit there is a problem. People are suffering for no reason. Are you one of those people? Electrical pollution can be cleaned up and help is available, affordable and necessary. Do not let another day go by without doing something to help yourself and those around you. Insist that your schools get checked for electrical pollution so you can start feeling better today. Your health can improve that quickly, ours did.