DECT Cordless Phones Cause Health Problems

The only known cure for Radiofrequency Sickness is to stop being exposed to high frequencies.

    Most cordless phones available now are particularly bad sources of high frequencies since they either transmit continuously (regardless of whether the phone is hung up or not) or extremely strongly. Almost all cordless phones available now are DECT phones. They transmit very strongly and continuously, often overloading an HFE-35C meter until around 10 feet away. (The HFE-35C meter overloads at 2000microWatts/meter squared). DECT baby monitors are as bad. Monitors with video capability are often worse. See and to read strongly cautionary statements about exposing babies to strong sources of radiofrequency radiation like wireless baby monitors.

    Exposure to radiofrequency radiation from DECT phones and other sources can have general metabolic effects see for a brief video discussion. Affects on cardiac rhythm and function are being reported. Children are also affected, perhaps especially so. Visit and for additional information about children, arrhythmias, and wireless technology. To read more about this and other symptoms of radio frequency sickness, please visit or for more information.

    If you have questions about whether your phone transmits even when hung up, use a meter with an appropriate frequency range to test it. You can also call the technical support line for the company with your model and serial numbers and ask them whether the phone transmits continuously or only during a phone call. Cordless phones that transmit continuously have been causing illness.

    The following is a link to a relevant article in The Daily Mail called "After cancer warnings on mobiles, could your home phone be putting your health in danger?":

    The following is an excerpts from Environmental Petition "Request that first generation DECT Phones be Banned in Canada" (

    DECT is an acronym for (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology, previously known as Digital European Cordless Telephony). It is a technology that originated in Germany and has spread to other countries, including Canada. DECT phones operate at 2.4 and 5.8 GHz and higher and provide a digital signal that is both powerful and clear. DECT phones can be used up to 300 meters from their base station (cradle that holds the phone). Almost all manufacturers, including Panasonic, GE, Motorola,AT&T, and V-Tech, use this technology. Unlike other types of cordless phones, DECT cordless phones continuously emit microwave radiation at full power as long as the base station is plugged into an electrical outlet. These phones emit radiation 24/7 whether they are being used or sitting idle in their cradle. This exposes people to unnecessary microwave radiation and has been raised as a potential health concern by scientists and doctors in Germany and Austria."

    Please download and read the whole document. The findings, not surprisingly, show that people suffer from the symptoms of Radiofrequency Sickness when constantly exposed to high frequencies. The document contains information about the DECT technology and the effect it has on health. Please pass the document on to friends, relatives, public officials, doctors, and consumer protection advocates. This is important information for people to have as they make decisions about what risks they want to take and what technologies they want to use.

    If, for some reason, you must have a cordless phone, phones that only transmit during the call can still be found - although almost exclusively at re-sale shops and garage sales. They are far and away the minority. If you want to get one new, the best step is to call the tech department at the company you wish to purchase your phone from and ask if they make a model that does not transmit when it is not in use. (Thus, you are only exposed to microwave transmissions when the phone is actually in use, not continuously.)

    Caution: DECT phone base stations (transmitters) can have cords. All corded phones should be checked to be sure that they do not say DECT on them, if they do, remove them.

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