Shocking News

Shocking news is published by Dr. Donald Hillman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University. Shocking News is a substantive newsletter which covers a range of topics related to electrical pollution. The newsletters are packed with information that makes Dr. Hillman's technical electrical and biological knowledge accessible to laypeople.

New Discoveries - Dirty Electrical Power Affects Cows, September 11, 2002

Appeal to Fellow Citizens -- Help Remove Cancer-Promoting EMFs From Powerlines, Homes, Schools, and Workplaces, March 7, 2004

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Affect Milk Production and Behavior of Cows; Results Using Shielded Neutral Isolation Transformer, July 2004

Medical Alert - "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure" - Leukemia and Diabetes Increase with Electrical Exposure (EMF), October 26, 2004

Electric Transmission Lines: Individual Rights vs. Utility Rights of Public Domain, January 10, 2005

Magnetic Fields in Homes and School: Source and Mitigation in Our Home, May 2005

Exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Linked to Neuro-Endocrine Stress Syndrome: Increased Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, & Cancer, November 2005

Legislative Alert! Uncontrolled Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) in Homes, Schools, and Workplaces Cause Increased Heart Rate, High Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular Disease in Michigan. You Can Do Something about Control of Electric Power Quality and Disease., April 2006

Legislative Letter To Members of the Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan Senate, and Adminstrative Officers, April 2006

Effects of Excessive Electrical Exposure on Human and Animal Health, Special Edition for Ingham County Farm Bureau, September 13, 2007