Help Stop 5G Wireless - a dangerous radiation intensive technology!

We defeated the proposal to further erode local zoning in California. The stakes are even higher now!

Spread the word! Post links to this page http://www.electricalpollution.com/Stop5G.html and articles like the one in O'Dwyers http://www.odwyerpr.com/story/public/7175/2016-06-30/5g-rollout-worries-wi-fi-health-advocates.html

The FCC voted to move forward with 5G, an extremely dangerous technology. Read Chairman Wheelers comments about the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding (https://www.fcc.gov/document/remarks-chairman-wheeler-future-wireless). This would put 5G transmitters on power and light poles throughout communities across the United States with the aim of creating enough saturation of very high frequency microwave radiation that fiber optic level connectivity is available wirelessly everywhere.

Thank you to all who contacted the FCC Commissioners in opposition. While we figure out the best ways in which to move forward, please help to raise awareness of the National Toxicology Program results showing that wireless radiation is carcinogenic and breaks DNA.

We need everyone to educate their Congresspeople and opponents in the election about the dangers of wireless radiation. We also need everyone to file comments in opposition to 5G in the relevant dockets. The FDA is supposed to put out warnings in light of the National Toxicology Program results showing that wireless radiation is carcinogenic and breaks DNA. They are dragging their feet. Please write them as well.

For more information visit: http://www.parentsforsafetechnology.org/stop-5g-spectrum-frontiers.html

Background and Contact Information Please take a moment to contact the FCC Commissioners BEFORE their vote on July 14 in opposition to the rollout of 5G. A template letter is below, please take a moment personalize it briefly with your experience to give it greater impact.

Tom Wheeler, Chairman Tom.Wheeler@fcc.gov

Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov

Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner Jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov

Ajit Pai, Commissioner Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov

Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner Mike.O'Rielly@fcc.gov

Distribute this press release: FCC Fast Tracks 5G Spectrum Despite Wireless/Cancer Link & DNA Damage Found in $25 Million US Government Study via social media and directly to news outlets.

Please send a copy of your letter to your U.S. Representative and Senators and the relevant committees (listed below).

Ultimately, it is Congress that decided to give sole responsibility for wireless promotion and safety to an industry dominated agency. It is essential that they hear from you. Only they can give authority for health back to the EPA, which has tried in the past to protect the public. Congress defunded EPA and removed its authority to protect the public from wireless radiation to stop it (http://www.stopglobalwifi.org/documents/PressReleaseDec2015.pdf).

Contact your Congressional Delegation (2 Senators and 1 Representative) Look them up and find their phone and FAX numbers at: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm and http://www.house.gov/representatives/

Call the White House - 202-456-1111. Ask President Obama to halt the rollout of 5G in light of the safety hazards.

President Obama can also be emailed using the form at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

Congressional Committees - ask for oversight hearings on dangers of societal saturation with radiation from wireless technology:
U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions - (202)-224-5375
http://www.help.senate.gov/ links to contact the two ranking members on webpage
U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation - Majority: 202-224-1251, Minority: 202-224-0411
U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - (202) 224-4971
House Energy and Commerce Committee - (202) 225-2927
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Phone: (202) 225-5074

Dear FCC Commissioners,

Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding is being represented as an unqualified good, but it is not. It will do great harm to human health and the environment.

Please vote "no" to the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding. There has been no NEPA review of the environmental and human health impacts of moving forward with 5G. The FCC has put the cart before the horse in promulgating rules for 5G without first studying the safety of 5G for humans and the environment. There is consensus within the scientific community that the existing FCC limits for wireless radiation do not protect the population from biological effects (www.EMFscientist.org)

The National Toxicology Program recently release results showing that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) can indeed both break DNA and cause cancer (http://www.saferemr.com/2016/05/national-toxicology-progam-finds-cell.html and http://microwavenews.com/news-center/ntp-nyt). Furthermore, the literature on RFR in the very high frequency bands required for 5G document DNA breakages, serious cellular resonance effects, and other detrimental metabolic effects (http://www.bioinitiative.org/report/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/sec15_2012_Evidence_Disruption_Modulation.pdf and http://www.stopglobalwifi/documents/2001_kositsky_et_al._-_ussr_review.pdf).

Non-industry funded studies have consistently found links between RFR and various negative biological effects (www.bioinitiative.org). They include serious neurological, cardiac, and metabolic effects, as well as DNA breakage which can lead to cancer and genetic defects (http://www.mainecoalitiontostopsmartmeters.org/?p=1469).

Studies, including the National Toxicology Program studies, have shown wireless to be a dangerous technology and 5G, according to Chairman Wheeler's own comments, is an infrastructure intensive technology. So, invest in safe, wired infrastructure instead of spending a lot of money to saturate entire communities with hazardous radiation. The "cool" factor is not worth the peril.

Please see "Wireless Technology Violates Human Rights" (http://www.electricalpollution.com/documents/WirelessViolatesHumanRights2016.pdf) for more information about the very serious ways in which wireless technology violates human rights.

Don't vote to unleash a dangerous environmental pollutant on your friends, family, and, indeed, the whole country. Vote to protect your family, friends, and the country - vote "no" on Spectrum Frontiers. Be on the right side of history.


For additional information, please visit http://www.parentsforsafetechnology.org/stop-5g-spectrum-frontiers.html

Distribute this press release: FCC Fast Tracks 5G Spectrum Despite Wireless/Cancer Link & DNA Damage Found in $25 Million US Government Study

Last updated July 28, 2016